Sunday, February 8, 2009

Stress and Your Health


Do you worry? You want to scream just make it stop!!!

There is so much to worry about these days. The declining economy, Stock Market investment losses, the environment, the downturn in the housing market, the job losses happening all around the globe.

So stress is a direct result of worrying about these things and can lead to major health issues.

Here is just part of what Talli van Sunder of Being Healthy for Busy People has to say on the matter

"Today’s episode is the first in a two part series about stress. Now is an appropriate time for this topic because these are tough and stressful times for many people. Unemployment is up, home foreclosures are high and the stock market is way down. Some people have lost their jobs and others are worried that they might lose theirs. There are a lot of people worrying about whether they can continue to pay their bills and mortgages."

Just click here to read the rest of her post and listen to part one of her podcast on stress and how to cope with the effects of today's stresses in our lives.

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