Thursday, July 3, 2008

Is this the future....or not?

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Check this out... Dr Jill Bolte Taylor is a featured guest blogger on Moblogic TV. Are we looking at the future of brain science here or just a confused stroke survivor who got lost in the lengthy recovery process from her stroke of almost twelve years ago.

You tell me... Read the blog post, watch the interview and then post your thoughts back here as a comment. Or follow me on Twitter and tell me @garydotgray

Guest Blogger: Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor

"Everything we are capable of thinking, feeling or doing is because we have cells in our brain that perform that function. I can track a moving target because I have cells designed to do that. I can move my finger because I have cells wired specifically for that function. Once those cells are either traumatized or die, then I can no longer perform that function.

On an emotional level, I can experience anger or sadness or loneliness, because I have emotional circuitry, made up of cells that perform those functions. Equally important, I have the ability to experience deep inner peace or a connection with something that is greater than I am, because I have cells that perform those functions."

Go to the post to read the remainder of Dr. Taylor's comments

Enjoy and be sure to comment with your thoughts.

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