Friday, June 27, 2008

Meet Kyle Jay a Brain Stem "Locked in" Stroke Survivor.

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In March of this year (2008) I was introduced by Cathy Sinclair of the Heart and Stroke Foundation of PEI to a young man from our community by the name of Kyle Jay.

Cathy introduced me by way of telling me that Kyle had suffered a Brain Stem Stroke and was "locked in". He and his family were in a hospital in Halifax (200 miles away) and could I be available to be contacted by them and help them with access to getting support from the stroke community.

So after an email introduction to Kyle's mom Darlene I began to get the word out to the stroke community and stroke survivors and caregivers started to respond to my request to contact Kyle through his FaceBook group, email or a personal visit.

Thank you every body for your support. Kyle has been moved back to te Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Charlottetown where he continues to make good progress with his recovery.

He was moved into the Rehab Unit on Monday where I got to visit him (and meet him for the first time) Monday evening and his dad (Garth) snapped this picture of us together.

Here is a link to my Stroke Network Blog where I have been re posting Darlene's FaceBook posts so that Stroke Network Members that don't have a FaceBook account could follow Kyle's progress.

Here is a link to Kyle's FaceBook Group so you can learn more about this amazing young man.

Kyle is an amazing young man through his "can do" attitude, his great smile and laugh, support of his family, friends and community as well as members of the world wide stroke community Kyle is accomplishing the impossible. (recovery from a brain stem stroke and a "locked in" condition)

Yes Kyle is a real life inspiration to all stroke survivors everywhere. "Yes We Can"

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

At least half of Canadians do not treat stroke as a medical emergency

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ONLY... 24 out of every 100 people in some provinces in Canada would call 9-1-1 if they or someone that they knew was experiencing the warning signs of stroke.

A new report reveals:

At least half of Canadians do not treat stroke as a medical emergency, warns the Heart and Stroke Foundation Report on Stroke. In a national poll of adults, the Heart and Stroke Foundation found that less than half would call 9-1-1 if they or someone they know experienced warning signs of stroke.

When we realize that some 50,000 Canadians suffer stroke every year of which the majority either die or are permanently disabled is it any wonder that we need to promote Stroke Awareness in Canada.

Click here to read the entire report.

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Sunday, June 8, 2008

My three video clips on High Blood Pressure and Stroke

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In February 2008 I was asked by our local hospital foundation if I would participate in a televised interview on the subject of High Blood Pressure and Stroke.

It was recorded at the local Community Cable Chanel Studio along with Karen Brown a health nurse with the hospital.

The actual full interview lasted about an hour but I have posted (on You Tube) three clips of seven minutes each just to give you an idea of how the interview went.

So click here to go and view the clips.

If you like them please feel free to rate them or digg them etc. That way they can be shared with more people and that increases awareness of stroke and stroke recovery issues as well.

The more we care means the more we share....

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